After Midnight Mask: the magic within

I am breathing , I am healing, I am alive! Born within the womb of her fears, a mixture of darkness  sparkled with a pinch of light, I gathered the strength to see the world in a different way.

Internal Chaos

It was that precise sound, emphatic and strong, that always reminded her of the way in which she was supposed to be, of how she was supposed to act!

One mask? Maybe more…

Even though I know all this, there are times that I’m confused. Have I truly found myself?

The shape of Beauty

I’ve always asked myself what „being beautiful” means. “Beauty begins the moment you decide to be yourself!”

Black-silk Thoughts

The night had brought to life thoughts she never knew existed: her mind reflected the sky – it was as if both were dressed up in black silk! Darkness embraced the stars, not dimming their light, but making them shine even brighter. Tonight, it was all about Hope!

Colours for Time!

TIME flies and, from time to time, we tell ourselves that we should cherish it more!